SEO & Visibility Audit

                                          The Expert's Digital Roadmap?

                                          This SEO and digital marketing audit for entrepreneurial professionals and professional services firms is the fastest, most efficient way to determine why your results are not as they should be. I look at your website and multiple factors that influence your SEO, lead generation, and conversions, and recommend the best strategy moving forward.

                                          SEO research tool ahrefs.com
                                          SEO crawl tool Screaming Frog
                                          SEO services and digital marketing tool GSuite
                                          SEO website audit and marketing tool Sitebulb
                                          SEO plugin for WordPress RankMath
                                          SEO traffic analytics tool Google Analytics
                                          SEO tool Bing Webmaster Tools
                                          SEO and SEM research and insights tool SEM Rush
                                          WorPress preferred CMS for SEO


                                          $3,000 USD

                                          • Up to 30 Pages
                                          • Discovery Session
                                          • Visiblity / Technical Audit
                                          • Audit Findings Report
                                          • Task List & Roadmap
                                          • ?
                                          • ?


                                          $4,500 USD

                                          • Up to 50 Pages
                                          • Discovery Session
                                          • Visibility / Technical Audit
                                          • Audit Findings Report
                                          • Task List & Roadmap
                                          • Coaching Session
                                          • ?


                                          $6,000 USD

                                          • Up to 100 Pages
                                          • Discovery Session
                                          • Vibility / Technical Audit
                                          • Audit Findings Report
                                          • Task List & Roadmap
                                          • Coaching Session
                                          • 90-Day Email Access

                                          What Do You Get?

                                          Here's a look what's included with your Expert's Digital Roadmap.?

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                                          Discovery Survey & Session

                                          I start with a detailed intake questionnaire followed by a clarification session with you or your team, where I get to learn about your business, your offerings, your audience, and what will create the greatest impact for you.

                                          UX, CRO, SEO, and digital marketing consulting services

                                          Roadmap & Task List

                                          I offer a digital marketing strategy roadmap with recommendations, improvements, and activities. I also include a prioritized task list for your team to implement so you'll know exactly where to focus your resources.

                                          Online marketing traffic and tracking

                                          Visibility & Technical Audit

                                          I dive into your traffic analytics, your current rankings, your competition, your technical SEO, your content, your sales copy, and how your users behave. Interpreting this crucial data provides key insights and opportunities.

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                                          1-Hour Coaching Session

                                          I conduct a strategy coaching session with your team (up to 60 minutes) where I can go over any questions regarding the roadmap, offer general advice on best practices, and recommend a list of tools and resources.

                                          Marketing insights and analytics consulting and strategy

                                          Audit Findings Report

                                          I provide a multifaceted assessment of your website, technical SEO, and digital marketing strategy. I present my findings in a report in which I highlight issues that need attention and critical optimization recommendations.

                                          Marketing design and web development, business coaching and consulting

                                          90-Day Email Access

                                          I give your team unlimited email access to my expertise during the first three months following the roadmap for any questions or guidance you may need. Allow a few hours for a response, usually no more than a day.

                                          How is This Different?

                                          Many SEO consultants and providers use a single tool to conduct their audits that spit out scores and a list of automated recommendations. Often, these tools are freely available. You could use them yourself.

                                          However, I collect and analyze data from a variety of sources and premium tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, SEM Rush, Ahrefs, Moz, Sitebulb, and many others.

                                          I also consider other digital marketing aspects that complement, amplify, or support your SEO efforts and maximize its performance, including content marketing, social media, email, conversion rate optimization, UX, advertising, reputation management, and more.

                                          I present my findings to your team in a detailed report, which includes a list of tasks for improving your visibility, your traffic, and your results.

                                          SEO consultant, UX design, and CRO marketing consulting

                                          What Elements Do I Audit?

                                          I look at three major categories that influence your visibility and SEO.

                                          On-Page Factors

                                          • Technical SEO
                                          • Meta-Information
                                          • Schema Markup Code
                                          • Information Architecture
                                          • Robots & Human Sitemaps
                                          • Pagespeed Score
                                          • Website Security
                                          • HTML/Content Ratio
                                          • Duplicate Content
                                          • Duplicate Titles & Headers
                                          • User Experience (UX)
                                          • ?Broken & Insecure Links
                                          • 404 Errors & 301 Redirects
                                          • Spider Crawl Errors

                                          Off-Page Factors

                                          • Keyword Rankings
                                          • Backlink Health Profile
                                          • Search Intent Analysis
                                          • Competitive Analysis
                                          • Content Gap Analysis
                                          • Social Media Marketing
                                          • Local Search Marketing
                                          • Google Maps Marketing
                                          • Reputation Management
                                          • Video & Multimedia
                                          • Content Marketing
                                          • New Content Ideas
                                          • Local Citation Claims
                                          • Listing Profile Consistency

                                          Non-SEO Tactics

                                          • Copywriting & Ecommerce
                                          • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
                                          • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
                                          • Lead Capturing & Nurturing
                                          • Call & Goal Tracking
                                          • Branding & Awareness
                                          • Sales Funnel Optimization
                                          • Conversion Optimization
                                          • Content Amplification
                                          • Incremental Split-Testing
                                          • Social Media Marketing
                                          • Remarketing / Retargeting
                                          • Email Marketing
                                          • Link Outreach

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