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                                          As a business coach and marketing consultant, I provide the strategies, systems, and support you need to rapidly reach your marketing goals and accelerate growth.

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                                          Hi, I'm Michel Fortin. As a marketing consultant for the better part of 30 years, I've helped thousands of clients around the world, ranging from solopreneurs to large multinationals, generate unstoppable levels of traffic, sales, and growth.

                                          Are you a medical, financial, legal, or IT professional? Perhaps you're a coach, consultant, or skill-based entrepreneur? Or maybe you're an executive or head of the marketing department within a professional services firm?

                                          If you are and you're looking to gain more exposure, generate more targeted traffic, attract more ideal clients, build your business or practice, plug costly leaks, even uncover hidden profit centres, then I can help.

                                          Let's work together to improve the performance of your marketing and your website. Keep reading or schedule a free call where we can go over your goals and see if there's a fit. I look forward to chatting with you.

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                                          How Do I Help You?

                                          My goal is to create an action plan to help you reach yours.


                                          First, I conduct a marketing audit to get a better understanding of your current sitiation. I take a look at your online strategy, your SEO, and your website architecture, and dive into your curent traffic and conversion analytics. I also uncover any snags or issues that need to be addressed.


                                          Next, I create a plan with a series of items to implement. Depending on your goals, I structure the action plan in such a way that it remains flexible and can easily adapt when situations and priorities change. It's more like a workable framework rather than a plan set in stone.


                                          Then, I recommend best practices and resources to implement the plan. Typically, I offer three options. You implement the plan internally, have me train and assist your team on how to do it, or have me manage the project where I hire outsourced workers and manage deliverables.

                                          What Can I Do For You??

                                          I provide digital marketing consulting, coaching, and training services.

                                          Marketing insights and analytics consulting and strategy

                                          Marketing Consulting

                                          I provide comprehensive consulting services that cover the entire marketing and digital marketing spectrum to help you grow your business or practice. These services guide you and your marketing team in improving the performance of your digital marketing. They include analysis, strategic planning, and guidance for their development and implementation.

                                          Strategic Planning

                                          I dive into your analytics, your results, your current strategic plan, your marketing tactics, your competitors, and other relevant information. I then develop a roadmap that aims to maximize your visibility, increase your traffic, improve your sales, and grow your revenue. It also identifies any issues and opportunities, and offers insights on how to address them.

                                          Strategic marketing consulting and business coaching
                                          Business coaching and marketing training services

                                          Business Coaching

                                          If you need my expertise to help guide your digital marketing efforts, or if you want to leverage my 30 years of marketing experience to train your team so you can, for example, take control of your own online marketing, I can help. I offer a range of coaching and training services for clients ranging from small businesses to large, enterprise-level organizations.

                                          What Can You Expect?

                                          Throughout my 30-year career as a marketing consultant, I helped countless clients reach measurable objectives. Some improvements were so significant that clients have reinvented their entire business models or reached new, unrecendented levels of profitability.

                                          In addition to the hundreds of testimonials I have received, some of the most notable results I have helped to achieve include:

                                          • Increased organic traffic by 280% to a health-related website with each quarter, resulting in a total ~700% increase overall.
                                          • Improved landing page conversions by 64% for an expert services company resulting in a near 90% boost in generated leads.
                                          • Opened 12 new clinics internationally, developed their marketing and advertising strategies, and trained their staff on sales.
                                          • Generated over $300 million in sales, and pioneered in selling the first-ever $1.08 million worth of online training on launch day.
                                          • Found $420,000 extra in sales for a weightloss company after removing user experience bottlenecks that impeded sales.
                                          • Generated over $343,000 in revenue for a beauty professional consulting industry company during a two-week campaign.

                                          I can help your business grow and scale. Start with a free discovery call and let's have a chat to see what your goals are and if there's a fit.

                                          Increase in traffic and conversions

                                          *Snapshot of the last 30 days of a decade-old website I optimized and relaunched two months ago, which went from 40 visitors a month to 700 and climbing, resulting in a 1,625% increase.

                                          marketing and SEO client tripling their traffic and sales

                                          *Website that was redesigned and optimized in September 2019 without adding any new content, which directly resulted in a 338% boost in traffic and over $42,000 in newfound sales.

                                          What Services Do I Offer?

                                          My work has delivered exceptional results for my clients.

                                          Consulting Services

                                          • Strategic Planning Services
                                          • Search Engine Optimization Consulting
                                          • Pay-Per-Click Advertising Consulting
                                          • Conversion Rate Optimization Consulting
                                          • Branding / Reputation Consulting
                                          • Market Research Consulting
                                          • Email Marketing Consulting
                                          • Social Media Marketing Consulting
                                          • Content Marketing Consulting
                                          • User Experience Consulting
                                          • Competitive Analysis Consulting
                                          • Information Architecture Consulting
                                          • Funnel Optimization Consulting

                                          Strategic Planning Services

                                          • Organic Marketing Strategy
                                          • Search Engine Optimization Strategy
                                          • Copywriting / Communications Strategy
                                          • Social Media Marketing Strategy
                                          • Local Search Marketing Strategy
                                          • Ecommerce / Sales Strategy
                                          • Pay-Per-Click Advertising Strategy
                                          • Search Engine Marketing Strategy
                                          • Email Marketing Strategy
                                          • Reputation Management Strategy
                                          • Video Marketing Strategy
                                          • Content Marketing Strategy
                                          • Brand Awareness Strategy

                                          Coaching Services

                                          • Clarity / Business Direction
                                          • Compelling Copywriting
                                          • Ecommerce / Selling
                                          • Search Engine Marketing
                                          • Direct Response Marketing
                                          • Branding / Corporate Identity
                                          • Customer / User Psychology
                                          • Content Development
                                          • Conversion Optimization
                                          • Competitive / Gap Analysis
                                          • Content Amplification
                                          • Incremental Split-Testing
                                          • Public Speaking / Training

                                          Are We a Fit?

                                          While I have worked in almost every major industry, from IT firms to medical clinics and everything in between, my services are focused primarily on professionals and skill-based entrepreneurs, such as:

                                          • Professionals with no website or online visibility who seek direction on how to reach their goals and an improved marketing strategy.
                                          • Small practices with a new website an existing one that needs to be optimized properly so it can attract and convert quality traffic.
                                          • Large companies with an existing website or marketing strategy but need to maximize their performance and grow their revenue.
                                          • Marketing teams looking for outside help to support their projects, find opportunities, remove bottlenecks, or offer a new perspective.

                                          Who Am I?

                                          As a marketing consultant and digital marketing specialist for the better part of 30 years, I've helped countless clients from around the world reach higher levels of success. I've produced thousands of top rankings, written hundreds of highly profitable marketing pieces, pioneered several game-changing digital marketing strategies, and even broken industry sales records.

                                          My love of marketing and the Internet started back in the late 80s when, as a young marketer, I wrote classified ads on bulletin board services. In the early 90s, I wrote salesletters and designed landing pages for them. Some included videos, which was before the Internet took off let alone the existence of YouTube.

                                          This blossomed into a successful marketing and copywriting consultancy where the majority of my clientele consisted of doctors and cosmetic surgeons. It later evolved to include dentists, lawyers, financial advisors, chiropractors, medical clinics, IT firms, professional speakers, and management consultants.

                                          In the last decade, I also worked as the Director of Marketing Communications and SEO Manager within a Google Premier Partner digital marketing agency. While there, I led a talented, cross-functional team and worked with clients ranging from small businesses to enterprise-level multinationals.

                                          Since before the dotcom boom, I've coached thousands of businesses around the world and shared the stage with Mark Victor Hansen, Jay Conrad Levinson, Jay Abraham, Russell Brunson, Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern, Brendon Burchard, Gary Halbert, Mark Joyner, and Dan Kennedy, just to name a few.

                                          I'm the author of several books and hundreds of published articles, all of which focused on marketing, copywriting, the Internet, and business. I hold multiple certifications in SEO, digital marketing, and ecommerce, and I'm a member of several industry associations including the Canadian Marketing Association.

                                          Think we should work together? If you're interested in grabbing coffee and talking shop, I would love to hear from you. Drop me an email and let's chat.

                                          Why Work With Me?

                                          Other than my results, my love of marketing speaks for itself.

                                          What Makes Me Different?

                                          If there's anything I'm truly passionate about, aside from being an Internet geek (yes, I speak code), it's helping skilled-based entrepreneurs grow their businesses with the help of a more productive web presence and marketing strategy.

                                          Quite simply, I love marketing. After spending a few minutes with me, that will become quite apparent to you.? Some say I have a knack for helping my clients find their marketing mojo that will help propel their results and achieve greater levels of success.

                                          I've had the honour and privilege of working with thousands of businesses from around the world. They have successfully used my proven strategies and marketing approaches to build their visibility, drive their results, and increase their profits.

                                          So if you're like most of my expert clients, you will attract, engage, and convert more targeted leads. You will identify bottlenecks and plug leaks that are killing your sales. You may even uncover hidden profit centres that you can exploit for maximum profit.

                                          Give me a quick call and see how I can help you. Or if you're ready to start, then you can go ahead and choose from one of my Expert's Digital? Roadmap? SEO and visibility audits.

                                          Who Do I Work With?

                                          I specialize in working with professionals and professional service providers. Some are consultants and coaches. I also work with professional services firms and teams, including:

                                          • Executives: you're a business owner or leader who needs help with building and/or optimizing your organization's current marketing strategy. I can work with you as your digital marketing consultant or provisional CMO.
                                          • Marketers: you're a marketing expert or the head of a marketing department, and you're looking to improve your inbound marketing, SEO, lead generation, and conversions. I can consult your department and/or coach your team.
                                          • Agencies: you're a digital services company or marketing agency that needs outside help with certain aspects of your client projects. I can become an expert advisor, project analyst, or cross-functional team leader.

                                          What Do Others Say?

                                          Out of the hundreds of testimonials I've received, here are just a few.

                                          Dave Mizrachi


                                          "I launched my website with a small list of 1,788 subscribers and was able to earn $31,523.97 within the first 24 hours. It was converting at such a high rate you wouldn't even believe me if I told you. It then went up again and brought in over $1,800 in sales within the next 24 hours."

                                          Simon Grabowski

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                                          "I launched my website with a small list of 1,788 subscribers and was able to earn $31,523.97 within the first 24 hours. It was converting at such a high rate you wouldn't even believe me if I told you. It then went up again and brought in over $1,800 in sales within the next 24 hours."

                                          John Reese


                                          ?“A huge thank you for doing such a masterful job with Traffic Secrets! You are the author of the biggest launch web letter promoting the fastest-selling ‘how-to' course in the history of the web, grossing $1,080,496.37 in sales in less than 18 hours of its worldwide release!”

                                          James Malinchak


                                          "If you're ready to take your business to higher levels and sustain continuous growth and improvement, then you must work with Michel! Not only does he share high-value content, but he has the unique ability to connect on a level that instantly changes people's lives! So do yourself a favor and work with Michel today! You'll be so grateful you did!"

                                          Dave Martin

                                          eSmart Marketing, Inc.

                                          "In the arena of marketing coaches and mentors, Michel Fortin is in a class by himself. Michel's generosity with both his time and talents are truly remarkable. I am very grateful to learn from him. His insight has helped my company to become a preferred partner providing paid search marketing for some of the largest, most reputable direct marketers in the country."

                                          Ray Edwards


                                          "Very few people can match Michel's knowledge of sales and marketing. Fewer still can add an astute understanding of basic business principles to that marketing mix. And almost none can have all those things plus the level of integrity he brings to the table. I trust Michel implicitly; I would hire him without hesitation, and I recommend him unreservedly."

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